california bookmarks

yesterday i got a package in the mail from a friend in california [a very, very lucky friend who just got a job at the paper source! i am so jealous]. she claimed it was a belated birthday gift, but whatever the reason, i loved it.

inside was a handmade card [complete with paper-lined envelope -- you know the girl is already walking the PS walk with her paper skills!], a bunch of clear stamps and a set of letterpressed bookmarks from the paper source -- my FAVORITE place! she is the best. how did she know i've been feeling homesick for california -- and the paper source -- so much lately??

bookmarks are a great handmade gift because they're useful and pretty simple to make. kerry at kerry's paper crafts has a tutorial on how to make laminated bookmarks -- check it out if you'd like to make a few of your own.


  1. Awwww... how sweet is your friend, and how lucky is she to be working there?!!!

  2. Look at you and all your craft-i-ness! Do you scrapbook? You should totally try out for my job. I'm sooooo sad that today was my last day! But, now it's California or bust!

  3. wow. I don't check your blog for a while and there are 11 new posts. yippee!