con-tact paper transfers

i was recently introduced to the lil blue boo blog -- it's a fun site with all sorts of how-tos and craft projects, and i highly recommend taking a little look around.

ashley recently posted about how to transfer images using con-tact paper -- it is SO cool. you have to use a photo-copied image and con-tact paper [inkjet-printed documents won't work], but this looks totally do-able. i think it would look so cool on the front of a card, or as part of a scrapbook page:

wouldn't it be great to be able to preserve a family member's actual handwriting this way? love it.

click here to go to ashley's tutorial and learn more about this project!


  1. Oh that is such a cool idea. I so would like to give it a try!

  2. Hi!! Thanks for linking and thanks so much for the nice comments! I LOVE the handwriting idea....I have a few letters that I have photocopied a gazillion times and reuse them and reuse them ;) I should try to dig up some new family material!