craft supplies

a few weeks ago, suann from simplesong guest-posted on black eiffel about her everyday favorite supplies, for use in packaging or daily projects.

[image from here]

one thing she noted -- and something i feel like i've been hearing about evvvvverywhere -- is japanese happy tape (pictured bottom right in the photo above). seriously. i've seen it on blog posts all over the place, but i'm still not encouraged enough to try it. [maybe because i'm very frugal...*ahem* or some may say cheap :) ]

since reading that, i've been focused on packaging because i'm participating in the oh, hello friend lovely package exchange [are you?] -- so i've got supplies on the brain. my friend dana at MADE always has great ideas for packaging things up in cute ways, but i try to make things creative and fresh myself.

one of my favorite versatile materials is tissue paper. i save it from gifts, mail packages, stores, anywhere basically [anthropologie has pretty cute red-and-white tissue paper, which you can get if you buy plates or other fragile items there -- i always save mine!]. i think wrapping gifts in tissue paper is fun -- it keeps your item well-cushioned, and it's got a little more character than the average wrapping paper.

other fun supplies i like?
- any color or style of ribbon or lace is great for tying things up. baker's twine is a fave.
- i like brown paper kraft bags or even the cellophane treat bags for giving homemade snacks.
- i'm always saving reusable fabric or paper bags, small boxes and glass jars to use in gift-giving.
- i love big sticker labels [like these from paper source] for writing addresses on packages.

what are YOUR favorite packaging supplies?


  1. I love wrapping homemade goodies in cellophane and tying closed with either a big fat ribbon, or a strip of tulle [I make tutus so I have strips of it lying all over my house!]; I love the look of it. Super cute!

  2. I received something in the mail recently and the envelope was made from a recycled map! I love the idea of wrapping something in one of those free city maps you can pick up at tourist centres.

  3. I have never used decorative tape, but I love how it pulls together a package. I need to buy some.