friday roundup

i can't believe it's friday already! these weeks have been flying by since i started working again. i feel like i'm always running to catch up with everything -- plus, let's be honest, now that project runway has started up again, i think i might have to work on managing my time a little better :)

so, with that, here are a few quick tips from around the blogosphere:

1. this is definitely paper-related, but has nothing to do with stationery: hostess with the mostess posted this cute diy on how to make paper treat cones. i love the black, white and yellow combo -- makes me wanna throw a party just so i can show off my cute paper supply!

2. from the new job, i've learned about all sorts of fun magazines and blogs on where to share paper love. one of these: cards magazine. this monthly magazine pumps out hundreds [maybe not that many, but it seems like a lot!] of cards and is chock full of ideas. their blog gives a sneak peek at their august issue -- check it out!

3. and lastly, the lovely dionne is celebrating her 100th post! she gives a cute look back at memory lane [including when she & i met!] -- swing by and tell her congratulations!

that's all for now, stationeria friends -- see you next week!


  1. OMG I love those treat cones! What a great idea. I am now trying to think of what else they could be used for... :)

  2. Oh that DIY tutorial is fab!

    Card Magazine is great! I sneak peeks of it when I am at Borders or Barnes & Noble.

    And thanks for the mention, hun!