hand-painted cards

today is my first day of work! yippee! haha i'm sort of nervous to be the "new girl"...but mostly just excited to a.) have a job again and b.) work for such a fun company. wish me luck!

so, i'll make today's post short and sweet before i dash off to the new office. i saw these hand-painted cards by nan lawson last week on paper crave and loved them. the illustrations are beautiful!

how lovely to send a card that is also a unique piece of art. check out nan's shop for all sorts of hand-painted prints and artwork, or read her blog for more updates and projects.


  1. Nothing beats cupcakes. How cute!

  2. lyndsey, you'll do great today!! they're going to love you. i can't wait to hear how it goes!
    those cards are adorable!!! there's just something about cupcakes...