how to: emboss your own stationery

a fellow stationeria sent me a very cool link to a tutorial on embossing your own stationery -- i was immediately intrigued. i'm all for DIY!

cathe from just something i made is the brains behind this operation; i didn't know about her blog before but now i'm hooked. all sorts of fun things to make!

you can check out the blog post for all the step-by-step details, but i'll give you a few hints as to how she did it.

she designed a logo and printed the reverse of the image on cardstock, and then cut out two sheets of translucent polypropylene the same size as the card she wanted to emboss.

laminate the two plastic sheets and the cardstock together, cut out the monogram and place it below the paper you want to emboss. then, use a tool like a burnisher or a rounded crochet hook to press and rub into the void left by your image.

[all images from here]

very cool! i can't wait to try this technique myself. seems a little involved, but if you want to save money on traditional embossing i bet this is worth a shot. if you try it, let me know how it goes!

p.s. -- check out this post from craft magazine to see how to make personalized monogrammed stationery using a cricut machine.


  1. Oh that is brill! I want to do this!

  2. LP, great post! I even want to try this myself! Thanks for sharing!!