linea carta abc's

linea carta is a stationery / gift company out of berkeley, california. they make eco-friendly wedding announcements, stationery, gifts and textiles [including some very cute baby onesies] -- best of all, most of the illustrations on these items are hand-drawn.

linea carta's alphabet stationery really caught my eye -- each one is individually screenprinted on eco-friendly paper. gorgeous illustrations, great handwriting, and such a fun idea! these would be great to send to friends or even frame and hang in a kid's room.

i like L the best -- which is perfect: L for lyndsey! go here to see the other letters and some of linea carta's other offerings. see their etsy shop here.

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  1. These are great! I love that cute scrawl and writing on the top one, and the birds on the bottom one are so sweet!

  2. I LOVE that wedding announcement! My invitations from 6 years ago are so boring compared to these cool letterpress ones!