meet craftig

so, you may or may not know that i LOVE the blog paper crave. some of the things i write about on the stationery place come from ideas or designs highlighted on that blog, and i'm always excited to get new tips on stuff from the paper crave twitter feed.

thus, you'll understand that i was quite intrigued when kristen, the brains behind paper crave, posted last week that she's starting yet another blog project [she also blogs at domestifluff]. the new endeavor is called craftig [an abbreviation for "craft is good" -- i love when a girl makes up a word! :) she can definitely be a stationeria, MY made-up word!].

basically, craftig is a forum for people to share different craft projects and ideas all in one convenient place. my favorite post so far? the gocco wedding invitation tutorial, posted yesterday.

[image from here -- can you believe that's homemade?]

the home page of craftig shares the latest posts, a lot of which have to do with handmade stationery and other great paper products. be sure to check it out! and, if you learn nothing else from this post, i hope you'll go right now and add paper crave to your google reader / bookmarks / favorites. hopefully you'll check out craftig too!


  1. Oh cool - what a great new blog idea. Off to see this baby!

  2. i finally checked it out and totally joined. what a cool idea.