smock paper

check out these beautiful cards from smock paper -- i love them! they are so clearly pressed, i almost feel like i could touch the imprint of the design through my computer screen.

smock prints their stationery on bamboo paper -- they're actually the first and only print shop in the US to do so! they worked with a historic european paper mill to develop the paper, wanting a truly sustainable [and beautiful] paper. you can read more about their paper here.

they also donate 1% of their sales to environmental causes. now this is a company who practices what they preach!


  1. These are great. I do love a good imprint! You really can see how deep it goes. And that's cool that they donate money to a cause, too!

  2. This is so totally crazy... the flower card I have tagged on my favorites from Etsy to use as my Happy Birthday THANK YOU's! I LOVE the detail and the great cause!