u.o. is crafty

i love shopping at urban outfitters...i think they have really cool housewares and some fun/funky clothes [though i prefer shopping their sales racks to buying regular-priced items ;) ]. now i'm so excited to help spread the word that they're joining the diy craft movement with a new line of supplies for printing, sewing, jewelry-making and photographing.

some of my faves? a glow-in-the-dark screenprinting kit, blockprinting ink set, the printmaking bible and craft inc all in one place! check out the full line here.

and it's monday! what did you do over the weekend? i met two of my favorite bloggers IN PERSON on friday -- it's so exciting when your blog-idols turn out to be lovely in person as well. more updates on that tomorrow :)

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  1. Urban has done it again. Thanks for the head's up! My weekend was spent watching movies and visiting family. I hope you had fun!