utah bloggers unite!

friday night i attended the summer social retreat 09, a meetup for a bunch of women bloggers in the salt lake city area. i was so excited just to be invited -- i couldn't pass up a chance to meet a bunch of potential new friends, especially ones that blog!

we met up at the soldier hollow lodge in midway, smack in the middle of some beautiful mountains and fields. i knew i was in for a treat when i arrived and walked directly into a help-yourself candy table. mmm. we had a delish dinner [followed by cupcakes and cakes from the chocolate -- yes, i was a happy girl] and plenty of time for mingling and getting-to-know-you. THEN there was a major prize giveaway and product distribution -- i was in heaven.

i won a skin care package from yes to carrots [so exciting! i never win things like that...unless you count my city of dionne win :) ], but my goodie bag was filled to the brim by the time i left.

i got to learn all about some great local vendors by getting some lovely prizes -- body butter from nuskin, a set of essential oils from doterra, a sample of cream sauce base from shirley j, a full skin care line from M2, tangerine lip balm from badger, a reuseable grocery bag from harmons. other sponsors of the night included sorel boots, fritolay and western community bank. these utahns sure know how to throw a party -- and get some amazing sponsors!

BUT. the best part was meeting some very cool ladies. i met a bunch of great bloggers who live near me and had fun talking about social media and blogs -- plus real life and non-computer things.

i was in total blog-awe to meet two of my favorite bloggers [who i actually had no idea live in utah] -- first up was marie from makeandtakes:

ha. do i look starstruck? i used to be really into celeb gossip and such, but now i think i'm just obsessed with bloggers. marie runs a very cool blog all about crafts and fun things to do with kids -- she even makes her own embroidered note cards! she was SO delightful in person and i was way excited to meet her.

THEN i met melissa from isly. not only was she totally cool in person, her blog is a treasure trove of fun things to make and do.

she seemed like the type of girl i'd actually hang out with in real life...beyond just stalking her blog :) thanks to both ladies for indulging me and taking pictures -- it was lovely to meet you!!

my utah-craft-finding mission will continue this weekend as well at craft lake city, the first annual craft festival in salt lake taking place august 8. from everything i've read, it sounds like this will be utah's take on the renegade craft fairs [sadly, i missed the LA stop due to the move] so i'm super excited to check it out -- plus it's FREE to attend! any local friends planning to come? let me know -- i'd love to meet you!

maybe this utah place isn't so bad after all ;)


  1. you know i'm jealous!!! oh to be you :-) you look so cute too!!

    I wanna join you for the craft lake city...sounds soooooooooo fun!!!

  2. Oh total funness! And you so SCORED on the goodies! Looks like such a great time!

  3. It was so fun to meet you! We need to be friends.

    I'm heading to the Craft Lake City festival, want to meet up?

    email me

    islyblog {at} gmail {dot} com

  4. Great to see your having a great time and nice to see a proper pic of you too. Congrats on the win.

  5. It was fabulous to meet you!! I love these fun events that get bloggers together - Bloggers Unite!!

    I'm also going to Craft Lake City, I'm hoping to volunteer, so hopefully I'll see you there!!

    Thanks for the shout out!!