so, i'm definitely still mourning my paper source loss [mail order is just SO not the same...] but i have found a happy pseudo solution: archiver's! this place is a little heavy on the scrapbook supplies vs. the paper love i'm used to, but it will do.

i scoped out my local archiver's last week and was pleasantly surprised. they have plenty of pre-cut blank cards and envelopes for card-making, tonssss of stickers / labels / markers / albums -- really just about any paper craft supply you could want. plus they offer classes and workshops to help expand your skills.

i'd never heard of this store when i was in california -- their map of locations looks like they're mostly a midwest store. my general perusal of the store lasted about seven minutes -- are any of you regular archiver's shoppers? anything else i should know about the store? share tips -- i love paper stores :)


  1. Archiver's always has that paper that you don't think anyone will have. Although, the rest of the store is a bit expensive so I don't shop there much. I really love Robert's for paper and the like.

    I, however, am on a paper diet so I'm not allowed to buy any new paper. You should come check out my selection! :D

  2. Oh wow, looks like a promising PS replacement!

  3. have you ever heard of paperchase in the UK? I always loved going there when I still lived in the UK - it has lots of cute stationery and also plain stuff in loads of colours. Plus I always loved the weird little stickers and things they have there too... if you ever visit the UK you should definitely check them out (they do have a website I believe!).

  4. Are there any Paper Sources in Utah? I don't remember ever coming across any...if you ever need anything from Paper Source, there's one just up the street from me :) I'm just an email away!