friday roundup 9.18

yay! it's friday! here are a couple paper tips to help you get through the weekend...

1.) did you know tomorrow (september 19) is international talk like a pirate day? HA! that's got to be one of the best holidays ever. anyway, in celebration, thought i'd share this adorable pirate card with you from cards ink -- perfect for tomorrow :) say "arrrrgh" to someone for me, will you?

2.) my amazing friend dionne has recently added the title of columnist to her impressive resume -- she's now writing for handmade news. go check out her first column and leave a comment telling her what you think!

3.) a stationery place reader, jonze from ireland, recently sent me a link to a very cool paper project -- a refashioned notebook cover. jonze took a recently-deceased topshop bag and turned it into an awesome folder cover to carry all her random paper supplies.
talk about a great refashioning technique! i love it. click here to see all the details of how it was made. [and thanks to jonze for the heads up!]

4. more 2010 calendars are popping up every day! click here to see one from egg press, and here to see another from sycamore street press. hurry -- sycamore street press is giving away a calendar to one lucky reader, if you go to this post and leave a comment by monday, sept. 21.

okay, that's all for now, paper friends. i hope you all have a lovely weekend -- i'll be attending the first home football game of the season tomorrow with my grad-student husband [oh, the joys of living in a college town] and will be back with more paper news on monday. see you later!

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