hi, cards

i thought this "hi" flat card set was adorable. check out melimba's etsy shop for this and other illustrations.

did you know this saturday is a holiday? it's world card making day, sponsored by paper crafts magazine [and american crafts!]. maybe this will be my new4th-favorite holiday, behind 4th of july, christmas and halloween :)

anyway, if you feel so inspired to participate by making YOUR own card, you can visit the wcmd web site to upload photos and share in the joy of this paper-exclusive holiday. fun!


  1. Those are SO cute! I'm actually going to try to make a card or two Saturday. Seriously, I haven't done one since last Christmas; it's getting ridiculous. LOL

  2. World Card Making day? Woo Hoo! Perfect excuse to get crafty over the weekend.

  3. I love Melimba! Thanks for spotlighting her!

  4. ok, you are TOO sweet for plugging my etsy shop!! Thank you for that!!

    I'll make sure to do a link to your place and spread the love!


  5. Melimba's designs are so awesome and completely reasonably priced!! She's been added to my etsy bookmarks for sure. Thanks!