how-to: accordion flowers

i learned how to make a cool new paper flower over the weekend and thought i'd share. i love how it looks -- adds a lot of 3D flair to the card, and you could make these flowers in all different sizes to really change things up. i can't take full credit for the card though -- it's a brainchild of my very talented co worker alisha, who also works for cards magazine. she KNOWS her paper.

how to make an accordion flower

1. trim a piece of patterned paper to 12" x 1.5" [decrease these if you want your flower to be smaller]

2. score the paper every 1/2 inch so it looks a little like this -- that will make it easier to fold:

3. fold the paper accordion-style and connect with adhesive at the ends. play with the paper a little so it lays flat, and attach it to your card with a glue dot or regular glue. you can put a button or sticker in the middle to act as the center, but i left mine blank.

i'm not 100% sold on 3D cards like this -- how would you send it in the mail? but, i think something like this would look great on top of a gift or as a hand-delivered card. if you make one, let me know what you think :)

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