how to: hand-embroidered note card

welcome to my first tutorial -- i've decided to start giving step-by-step how-tos for some of the paper crafts i make :) i hope you'll like them and find them helpful!

today, i thought i'd start out with one of my favorite cards: the hand-embroidered note card. if you ever have any questions or suggestions for tutorials, though, shoot me an email! i'll do my best to accomodate.

okay...here we go!

how to: hand-embroidered note card

supplies you'll need:

  • blank note card
  • decorative paper for background
  • cardstock
  • embroidery thread
  • embroidery needle
  • pencil / scissors / double-sided tape / paper cutter


1. start out by measuring your cardstock piece -- this will be what you embroider, so it's your most important canvas. i took a big piece of textured cardstock [bought it at paper source, but you can get some from any paper supply store] and cut it down so it was about 1/2-inch smaller on each edge than the A2 card i was using.
then i cut a coordinating piece of green paper about 1/4-inch smaller on each edge than the card; this will be my layering piece.

2. next, sketch out what you want to embroider. i did this by hand, but you could easily trace a template by printing off a design you like, poking through its outline and laying the template on top of your cardstock. then poke through the original holes and voila -- the design!

3. since i didn't have a template to poke through, i had to poke holes on my card. i put the cardstock on my carpet and used an embroidery needle to poke holes at small intervals all along the design i had drawn. this is probably the cheap, white-trash version of hole-poking -- you could also use better, more sophisticated tools :)

you can see my fully punched card here, with all the holes:

you'll want to erase any pencil marks before you start embroidering.

4. next, gather your embroidery thread. i bought mine in a big, multi-colored box from michaels, but you can also buy it individually.

one skein of embroidery thread is actually made up of six smaller threads. you can use the whole thing, or divide it up for a thinner line. for the word "thanks," i decided to use only half of the thread -- three little threads:

5. now's the fun sewing part! tie a knot on the end of your thread and begin by pulling your needle from back to front of the card, so the know stays on the back. you'll do a simple stitch from here on out -- go in through the next closest hole, but come back up through the next empty one and stitch backward through the hole you just closed. this makes a continuous stitched line.

tie off the string once you finish each section. i used three different threads for this project -- dark pink for the word, light pink for the flower petals and green for the stem and leaf. it's up to you where you want each color to begin and end.

6. my finished cardstock looks like this...

the back is messy -- but it doesn't matter because no one will ever see this part :) it should look a little something like this:

7. i used double-sided tape to stick my cardstock to the green paper; i drew a border around the cardstock because i thought it needed something else. i added a strip of yellow american crafts patterned paper to the bottom of the card before attaching my hand-embroidered card...and it's done!

the finished product!

this project is simple to do, but i think it really gives the card some extra love since you hand-stitched it. you can also hand-embroider different embellishments [borders, designs, etc.] to spice it up even more.

try this out to go along with your next gift or to send to a friend -- i sit and embroider a few at a time, usually while i'm watching project runway...great way to keep your hands busy while vegging out, and give a little something extra to your friends :)

hope you liked my first tutorial! keep checking back for more in the future.


  1. This is sooo cute.

    And did you paint your nails especially for this tutorial? Hahahah.

  2. Love it. I am in the "idea" stage of similar cards and notes. I love hand stitching, makes it look personalized and cheerful!

  3. ok now this was easier than i thought it would be. i might even be able to do this :).

  4. Great minds think alike! Here's an embroidered card I have made... http://good.ly/t94p6