paper clothes

anybody out there a project runway fan? i LOVE that show -- it's so fun to see what the designers come up with, and it almost inspires me to use my sewing machine on non-paper items.

BUT, if you caught last thursday's episode, you'll know that they combined my two favorite loves -- sewing and paper! it was the "alternative materials" episode they do every season [wasn't it last year they had to use car parts?] and this year they had to sew with paper.

newspapers, specifically. but these designers came up with some awesome paper clothes -- i was way impressed.

this is the design that won -- a paper trenchcoat. i thought it looked cool -- especially the faux "fur" collar:

this dress was my favorite. it looks so fitted and you almost can't tell it's paper:

i loved this one too -- it was partially dyed with fabric dye:

and, i thought this had neat geometric shapes in the folded paper:

ahh...i love paper :) it even looks good as a textile.
[for a great recap of the episode and photos of each designer's outfit, click here.]
did you catch the episode? have any favorites?


  1. I would totally wear that coat! That is awesome :)

    These pics almost make me want to watch TV again... almost :)

  2. yes, I loved that trench coat. And I loved the feather dress too. Very cool stuff.

  3. I LOVE PR. I absolutely cannot believe what some of them came up with, they were so awesome. My personal fave was the "feathered" skirt.

  4. Christopher's feathered one was my favorite because it was tons of work and looked pretty flawless. Irina's was very cool, too, but that visible tape? No.

    I also like Althea and Carol Hannah's designs. They're definitely ones to watch.

  5. I totally thought of you while I watched that episode. I LOVE the trench - looks like Chanel! I was also a fan of Carol Hannah's orange dress and I even liked Gordana's - even though Heidi & Co. obviously did not. I think we might have to have a Project Runway finale party :)

  6. I love Project Runway. It is so fun! Thanks for visiting me over at Purple Lemon Designs...It was good to "see" you!