paper frames

check out this frame -- it looks like a sophisticated, heavy, wooden picture frame, does it not? would you believe me if i said it weighed almost nothing? these are NOT your average paper frames.

these are pop-up frames from a company called faux museum. every part of the frame -- from the easel to the tape -- is made from paper products; similar to the mats in professional frames, it's made from heavy duty, high-quality black cardstock. the frame ranges in thickness from 1.5 to 2.5 mm, depending on size.

these frames start out flat, so they're also a DIY project for you because when they come out of the packaging it's up to you to easily put it together. they're reusable, stackable and recyclable -- and they come in five different sizes. the biggest is 16"x20" -- that's almost three feet tall but it weighs less than five pounds!

frames are available for purchase on the faux museum site or at the getty museum in los angeles. what could be better than framing a beautiful paper craft or print with a PAPER frame? ha. check them out.


  1. These are PAPER?!!!! Dang! I would never have guessed!

  2. So you I love the vintage look and LOVE the frames. what I like most is all the dust that would be sitting on the non-paper frames in the little crevices, wont exist because its paper. Awesome!