penny people designs

i just came across a great new [to me, at least] stationery designer, based out of toronto: penny people designs. i love their note cards, i love how the company was named, and i love that the owner is named lindsay too!

penny people designs features all sorts of customizable note cards and stationery, for babies and toddlers and adults. they also do weddings and holidays, AND just started selling these adorable prints on etsy. i think one of these would look great in a baby's room:

according to the web site, the name "penny people" came about when lindsay was 11 and drew little characters by tracing a penny for their head. since then, her little people have evolved but their heads still look like pennies. there's even a whole line of customizable little characters you can help design to match a friend, like this cute little yoga girl:

adorable, no? check out the penny people designs site for more stationery and paper products.


  1. Hahaha, that yoga girl is precious, what a cute story about how the penny people came about!

  2. Love this! I want to customize one for my daughter that collects pennies! How appropriate!

  3. I love this since I literally sing the ABCs 100 times a day. This has "Cooper" written all over it! I also love the two names, husband + wife names could be a cute anniversary present!