pet stationery

this is me and my dog roxy:

she is a little maltese who is almost eight years old...and weighs less than five pounds :) she technically belongs to my parents and thus lives with them [which works out great, because she thinks my mom is the alpha dog, and my mom thinks she is her perpetual baby and feels better about the whole empty-nest thing going on, so it's really a win-win] -- but i love her and miss seeing her more often.

so, now that THAT's out of the way, you'll understand why i almost choked up at seeing these ADORABLE pet announcements! i love dogs, especially my dog. she would look great on one of these:

[all images from polka dot design]

you can also find pet-themed notecards and personalize-able adoption notices, notepads and mailing labels -- even more ways to show people how cute your pets are.

i've covered a lot of different kinds of stationery on this blog, but never before have i written about pet stationery. why not?? with stationery this cute, i am definitely not opposed to covering this subject again :)


  1. oh my gosh... I think I love Roxy just as much as you do :-)

    And, I loved the "Alpha Dog" comment....hahaha...I heart Momma P

  2. Roxy is adorable-I love that we are twins and your dog has my name.

  3. Awwww how cute! What an adorable idea and a cute little pup!

  4. what a darling doggy!! and i love those puppy announcements! what a great idea.

    how's utah treating you? :)