bell'invito letterpress

today i'm very excited to introduce you to a new line of stationery: bell'invito letterpress!

bell'invito was started by a former art director at neiman marcus, using vintage letterpress machines that had been family heirlooms since the early 1900s.

bell'invito currently produces a variety of stationery pieces including boxed stationery sets that look so rich and luxurious -- i'd love to get my hands on a pack. check out these designs:

[images from here]

most recently, bell'invito teamed up with acclaimed illustrator don carney of patch nyc to create the 2010 zodiac collection. the illustrations are based on carney's woodblock-inspired drawings -- such a fun design idea!

[photo credit: kevin dotolo]

the zodiac collection includes 5x7 cards, book plates, bookmarks, gift tags and a calendar:

i think this is my favorite piece in the set:

[photo credit: victoria wall]

they're so beautiful -- don't you feel like you could just run your finger over the computer screen to feel the letterpressed goodness? i think the fact that this zodiac collection is printed on awesome paper has something to do with it -- the paper is 30% post-consumer paper and FCS certified [meaning it's cut from forests that are then replanted through the paper mills -- love it!].

be sure to check out the bell'invito web site and blog. i think you'll like what you see!

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