'cards for dads' card drive

me & my dad on my wedding day, 2006

today is my dad's birthday! happy birthday, pops :)

my dad has been my biggest supporter, protector and fan ever since i was born. i'm so lucky to have a fun, thoughtful, hard-working father. i miss him a lot now that i live 800 miles away.

prepping a gift & card for dad's birthday [and thinking about what he means to me] grabbed my emotions a little more than normal last week when i read this blog post. first, some background -- i, like most of you i'm sure, love to blog stalk and read posts of people i don't even know in real life. [that's not too creepy, right?] two of the blogs i read belong to sisters -- one is a fantastic photographer, the other is a broadway star in NYC -- and their father is suffering from cancer right now.

like i said, i don't even actually know this hill family, but reading that post pulled at my heartstrings -- and i wanted to do something to help. what could i possibly do? not much, probably, but i have been so inspired by card projects like this and this -- people sending cards for no reason other than to brighten someone's day. and i thought, who could need uplifting cards more than this blogging family?

so, stationery place readers, i'm enlisting you in my project and requesting your help. i know you are paper / stationery fans [or i hope you are, because otherwise reading this blog would probably get a little boring :) ] with great taste in cards + skills at making things. will you help me with operation 'cards for dads'?

here's what i have in mind:
operation 'cards for dads'
1. make a cheerful, happy card [you can also buy, but handmade is much more fun]
2. write a message of cheer or encouragement -- get well soon, thinking of you, hang in there, etc. -- inside the card, personalized to the hill family
3. email me at stationeria[at]gmail.com to get my mailing address
4. put your card in an envelope and put it in the mail to me by wednesday, november 11 -- send multiple cards in one package if you like; no limit on how many cards you can send!
5. i will bundle all cards together and send them to the hill family in time for thanksgiving

and that's it! what do you think, blog friends? can you help? to sweeten the deal, i'll sponsor a giveaway for everyone who sends a card -- three people will win a pack of handmade thank you cards from me.

i hope you'll participate in my secret operation; it always feels good to brighten someone's day, and i think this family could really use it. not to mention getting a card in the mail is always fun & exciting in this digital world. feel free to email me or comment below with any questions, and tell your friends -- the more the merrier!

thanks for your generosity and help. i'm sure your dad will be proud of you :)


  1. What a great idea! I just started blog-stalking you & I love the great ideas & finds you come up with.

  2. DONE and DONE! I will even enlist my little nieces to make some cards too. Gotta start em young, ya know.

    You always have the best, sweetest ideas!!

  3. lynds -- i'm 100% in. expect some cards in the next week or so.

    this is a great idea and a wonderful way to give back. i too have been so inspired by this family and would love to help.
    you are so kind and i'm sure the hill family will appreciate this.

  4. Great idea! I was led to your blog by "Brandon and Erica" who found me on "Mormon in Manhattan." I will post this on my website http://www.ewillow.com and eWillow's Facebook fan page. I would be honored to participate.

  5. I blogged about this on my blog as well....Could I help and get submissions as well? or at least donate a hair accessory from my shop? Let me know!

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  6. I blogged here:

  7. Oh this is just a brilliant idea! I will start making my cards to get sent to you asap! Thank you!!!

  8. thanks for your support everyone! don't forget to email me to get my address :)

  9. I have a ready made card on my blog for download for Daddy Hill {for those of you that are too busy to make one yourself!}

    Lyndsey, would you mind helping me spread the word or putting a link to it for those who want to send a card but are too busy to make a homemade one?




  10. Thanks Lyndsey for sharing this with us and making the world a better place with your kind gesture. Regards, T. :)

  11. this is such a sweet idea. i participated in a post card swap, but this idea is a nice twist on it.


  12. Here is my post for the card drive! I hope that people send lots and lots of cards along! http://lawnfawn.blogspot.com/2009/11/lots-of-stuff-and-weird-card-all-in-one.html