friday roundup 10.23

another friday, another little roundup just for you.

are you enjoying these little friday tidbits? i hope so. if you're not let me know...i'm always up for a little creative intervention ;) speaking of which, if there's ever any particular paper-related thing you'd like to see featured on the stationery place, feel free to drop me a line. my door [and by door, i mean stationeria[at]gmail.com ] is always open!

anyway, let's get on with it. here are three things you need to know!:

1. how CUTE is this little paper skeleton man? how about orange linked to canon's halloween printables tutorial this week, and i thought it was adorable. perfect for making on a slow october workday.

2. do you like free downloads? i do. mufn inc is giving away a free printable card -- i could think of about a million uses for one of these. run some cardstock through your printer and you're set! here's the design -- go to her blog for more details:

3. paper on tv?? thanks to all things paper, i found out about a television series of the same name featuring paper artists. unfortunately, it's broadcast in asia. ha! thanks to the glorious internet, you can watch a clip on youtube here. check it out!

that's all for now! have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Hahaha, trust you to find some obscure paper show that only airs in Asia!

  2. lol i know right. what can i say, i love paper! :)

  3. Oh you know I like the paper skeleton man! So cute. Great finds LP! Miss you!!