halloween is coming

now that it's officially october, i'm kind of starting to get excited for fall. while i still feel some reservation toward the cold weather, i must admit it's nice to see the leaves changing colors and experience actual SEASONS -- we never really had "weather" or "seasons" in LA. ha.

and besides, fall means all the best holidays are coming! yay. starting with halloween -- one of my favorites. each week in october i'll spotlight some fun halloween-themed paper products to help get you in the spirit.

starting today with these amazing cards from hello!lucky. they're available individually for just $3.50 -- i don't think i've ever sent a halloween card before, but when they look this cute AND they're cheap, what's stopping me?

here are some of my favorites, starting with "haunted house":

skull & crossbones:

trick or treat:

and ghoul's delight. check out the amazing detail! this card reminds me of dia de los muertos, the latin american holiday that comes right after halloween:

which one's your favorite? and more importantly, have you figured out what you're going to be for halloween? :)


  1. I love Halloween. And I LOVE the skull and crossbones card. Too cute!

  2. I can't believe Halloween is already coming. Time needs to slow the heck down!!!