halloween letterpress!

well, people -- halloween is just a few days away. hope you're all ready for your costume-dressing and halloween-partying! i can't wait to see what the most popular costumes are this year -- i have a feeling there will be a lot of jon-and-kate and taylor-and-kanye couples out there.

anyway, thought i'd leave you with one last halloween roundup -- this time, featuring some of my favorite letterpressed halloween items!

first up, adorable spiderweb and bat coasters from 12fifteen:

how about this customizable halloween invitation from letterpress light?:

would you consider a halloween wedding? i think you'd have to be a BIG fan of all hallow's eve to do that -- but it could provide some fun themed items, like this spookily cute wedding invitation printed by spark stationery:

i hope you all have a great paper-filled halloween! now if you'll excuse me, i need to go track down hocus pocus and the ring on netflix ;)

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