happy anniversary!

today is my three-year wedding anniversary!

three whole years...geez, sometimes it feels like i've been with him foreverrrrr and other times like we're still getting to know each other.
i love being married.
i love having a built-in partner-in-crime, knowing there's always someone who wants to be with me, and sharing every part of life [including the bathroom -- sharing with a boy isn't quite as bad as i always thought it would be!] with my best friend.

to celebrate, here are a few of my favorite anniversary cards.

one & only by wiley valentine

still going strong by hello!lucky

happy anniversary by snow & graham

crested anniversary by blue ribbon

to celebrate, we're going out for a romantic dinner tonight [and then to see billy joel + elton john next month in concert!!! -- haha, i swear i'm not 50 years old...] -- so i'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful cards! Happy happy happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Have a lovely dinner tonight, and PIG OUT!!!!

    I love that circus-inspired card. how cute!

  3. Have a GREAT Day! Please post about your dinner on elldub, when possible :-) Since it isn't really paper related..unless you can somehow relate it to napkins or something.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on 3 years and counting! Those are some lovely cards, too!

  5. Happy 3-year anniversary! I'm partial to the card by Wiley Valentine and hellolucky!