meet the stationeria: paper crave

i am so so excited about this new stationeria interview! it's been a while since we've featured an interview on the stationery place, but i knew it was time to bring the series back...and i am thrilled with our newest interview subject!

kristen magee is the brains behind my favorite paper blog, paper crave -- she shares the best tips and paper products; i'm always so excited to see what's new. she recently founded the craft-sharing site craftig, and even blogs additionally on domestifluff. i couldn't wait to ask her a few questions and help all of you learn more about her. so, without further ado...

kristen from paper crave

paper girl: what was your motivation to start paper crave?

kristen: i've been obsessed with paper, stationery, stickers and everything in between since i was a kid. in fact, i still have note cards from my 5th grade teacher, mrs. williamson, and my original sticker book from the 80s. paper crave was an idea that i had for a year or so before i actually launched the site. i kept finding so many beautiful paper products that i couldn't resist any longer and knew that i had to start some sort of blog to keep track of all the cool stuff that i found. really, it was just an excuse to indulge my paper obsession!

paper girl: sounds like a girl after my own heart. so what do you look for in products to feature on paper crave?

kristen: i like to feature products that are standouts, items that are different than what everyone else is doing and that were obviously made with effort and care. i love elegant, modern, sophisticated paper products, but i also really enjoy super cute illustrations. and my letterpress obsession knows no bounds!

i like to feature as many independent businesses as possible, so i do a good amount of research in places like etsy. i also come across a lot of what i eventually feature during my daily blog reading or just searching for types of paper goods that i'd like to know more about. and i have a good number of shops that i like to check in at on a regular basis because i know that they're always going to have cool new stuff.

paper girl: what's the most memorable product you've written about on the blog?

kristen: hmm, that's a tough one to answer. i think that the most memorable products are those that use paper in clever and unexpected ways, or those where the design is just so original that it blows my mind.

paper girl: when did you introduce ads on your blog? how have those ads increased communication between you and the stationery industry?

kristen: i've had ads on the blog almost from the beginning. the blog as a whole has certainly increased communication between myself and the stationery industry, and i think having the ads has helped open the lines of communication between myself and new businesses that are looking to gain additional exposure, as well as more established businesses who have just found the site and are looking for new avenues to pursue.

paper girl: what are your future plans for paper crave?

kristen: i'm in the process of re-designing the site, and i'll be introducing several new features with the re-design, which should launch sometime later this fall. i'm so excited about this and, with the new features, i hope to be able to reach out to the paper community in a more pro-active way. other than that, i plan to keep on keepin' on with the paper goodies and eye candy for as long as i can!

paper girl: you recently founded a fantastic craft-sharing site, craftig. how's that going? is it progressing as you'd hoped?

kristen: thanks for asking! the response i've gotten since i launched craftig has blown me away. it's progressing better than i had ever imagined, and i hope that people continue to visit and participate. i can't wait to see what the future holds for the site.

paper girl: i know you also blog at domestifluff, and you have a day job as a freelance graphic designer. how do you find time for so many activities?

kristen: it's all about the scheduling! i tend to get distracted more easily than i'd like, and having a set list of specific things i need to get done during the day keeps me more focused and motivated. having said that, i think that it would be great if there were a few more hours in the day.

paper girl: what inspires you?

kristen: oh, so many things! the colors, shapes and textures found in nature. beautiful illustrations and photography. food. art. crafts. patterns. color, color, color. and gorgeous paper products of course.

thank you so much, kristen! it was a pleasure to interview you and i'm so honored you'd take the time to chat with me. keep up all the great paper blogging!


  1. great interview!

    I have read paper crave off and on for a while... but I love her side projects also!


  2. Thank you for interviewing Kristen, it was a joy to read the interview.