paige's calendar

we're going to start today's post off with a little storytime :)

once upon a time i moved from pasadena, california to provo, utah so my husband could go to school. i got a job at AC and met a girl at work named paige. just a few weeks later, she moved from provo, utah to pasadena, california so HER husband could go to school. ironic? yes.

since that time we've struck up a sort of online friendship, bonding via email over fun things to do in california / utah, blogging, fashion and of course paper products. paige is very crafty and creative -- and she KNOWS her paper. definitely a fellow stationeria.

okay, storytime over -- which brings us to the present. this week paige nonchalantly announced on her blog that she'd made a little 2010 calendar for her mom. no big deal? yeah right! this girl is talented! she just whipped up this great calendar [one i would say, in my professional stationery place opinion, rivals calendars like this or this] for FUN. and i love it.

here's a close-up of a couple of my favorite months -- aren't the details adorable?

as far as i know, paige doesn't have an etsy shop, but if you're reallllly lucky maybe you can ask her to make you a copy of the calendar [like i did]. check out her blog here and comment if you want more info :)

UPDATE: paige DOES have an etsy shop! check it out here and order a calendar -- tell her the stationery place sent you ;)


  1. Oh what cuteness! And how funny that you guys did a swap of homes, hehehehe.

  2. oh my gosh...what a fun switching of your lives!
    And that calendar is ADORABLE. I may have to buy it. It's only 10 bucks?? Crazy!

  3. Wow. I love the colors, and the fire works is awesome!

  4. That's so crazy! Ohhh, I love the calendars.

    P.S. you're doing so amazing with the blogging! I need to take serious lessons from you!