save the dates

elise blaha has a fun little blog where she showcases waaaay too many crafty fun projects [i have no idea where this woman gets the time for all of that].

recently a lot of her projects have revolved around her upcoming wedding -- like last week, when she showed her handmade save-the-dates. i think they are lovely! so great that everything coordinates, and that they all have nice by-hand touches [AND that she used so many paper source products ;) ]. here's a sneak peek -- check out her blog post for all the details.

what are your thoughts on save-the-dates? i didn't send any out for my wedding, but i still think they're a fun little touch.


  1. These are so fun!

    We were going to have Save The Dates, but then we sort of changed the way we did our invitations. We ended up having 3 groups of people - Group A, Group B and Group C. All the Group A people got their invites first, and then after the RSVP date, those that said no out of Group A would then be replaced by people in Group B (our second choice of people to come). We ended up having about 6 Group B peeps. So we couldn't send Save The Dates, because we weren't sure who would end up being invited from Groups B and C.

  2. Those are so cute/cool! I think Save The Dates are a great idea for those that have a long engagement, but since my honey and I were engaged for 8 months it wasn't really needed. :)