update on cards for dads

i have been LOVING the response to cards for dads! you guys are so thoughtful and caring and ready to help. i think the hill family is going to be super surprised by all the love coming their way!

just a couple updates...
*be sure to email me [stationeria[at]gmail.com] to get my mailing address! i know it's a pain to have one extra step, but come on -- i'm not going to broadcast my address to the whole cyber world ;)

*please help us spread the word! i've seen a few people already write about cards for dads on their own blogs and i LOVE that. tell your friends! host a card making party! the more the merrier.

*if you don't have time to actually make or buy a card, check this out: kiley over at cherry blossoms has done the work for you! she made an adorable printable card that you can just print out, sign your name in and send. all you'll have to do is hit print and find a stamped envelope. click here to get the images.

[image from here]

okay, that's all for now! feel free to comment here or email me with any questions. thanks again for all of your support -- i can't wait till the cards start rolling in!

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  1. Thanks for posting the card...I have also started a blog...