friday roundup 11.13

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friiiiday! i don't know about you, but i am SO ready for the weekend. even though today is friday the 13th :)

1. thank you thank you thank you to everyone who participated in the card drive. everything i've received is so sweet and heartfelt. i'll share an update on the card delivery next week.

2. it's no secret paper crave is one of my favorite blogs -- and yesterday, kristen announced a redesign of the site! be sure to check it out...she's got all sorts of new features in addition to a streamlined new look. congratulations kristen!

3. still got 2010 calendars on the brain? whisker graphics is offering a deal on their calendar, and kelly at design crush just finished her seventh installment of 2010 calendar roundups. i'm pretty sure you'll find ONE you'll like.

have a good weekend all! see you on monday.

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