friday roundup 11.20

woo hoo! my holiday begins TODAY -- after work, i'm free for a week. we're driving home to california tomorrow for a long thanksgiving break in the warm sunshine. in addition to eating at in n out and seeing friends & fam, i'm quite looking forward to spending a bit of time at paper source. don't call me -- i'll be shopping.

i'll still be around next week with some posts, but for now -- i've got some important paper matters to share with you. here we go:

1. big news in the stationery industry -- american greetings announced on wednesday that taylor swift will design a greeting card line. [ironically, i learned about this from entertainment weekly.] taylor's line will include stationery, gift wrap and online cards. while i'm a bit skeptical of how this will all turn out, i think this is way cooler than miley cyrus' clothing line at walmart -- way to use celeb talent for a good cause!

2. more big news -- have you heard about the L letterpress machine? sounds like a dream for DIYers...it's in stores now, and kristen @ paper crave gave a fantastically thorough review earlier in the week. i'm not sure it will fully replace the beauty and feel of true letterpress, but i'm anxious to try it out! i've got some magic in the works and might be able to share my own impressions of L with you in the coming weeks...stay tuned!

3. last but not least -- just got an email from papyrus that their friends & family sale runs today through december 6. you can get 25% off your entire purchase of delicious paper products -- what are you waiting for? go shop!


  1. As much as I hate to admit it, I really like Taylor Swift! I think she seems like someone I could hang out with! She's just so nice and hasn't done any pole dances like Miley has! So I, personally, will be looking forward to her designs!

    P.S. I bought a calendar from Nifty Swank at Bijou and thought of you! I can't wait to display it for the new year!

  2. Yes, I saw that Letterpress machine. I am interested to see how deep the impressions actually go. Do you know if you can have regular plates made for it with your own designs, or do you have to use their ones that come with it?

  3. dionne -- i think you can order custom plates and use them on the L. i just saw this tweet about it: http://twitter.com/letterpress/status/5899323488