friday roundup 11.6

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woo! it's friday! and that means another edition of the friday roundup...here we go!

1. i'm getting my weekend started a little early by attending ART Weekend in salt lake city. i think there are still a few spots available...anyone in slc planning to come out?

2. found a fun new inspirational blog, RIFLE. it's actually an offshoot of a paper goods, design and illustration company in florida, but the blog shares the coolest paper items and design inspirations. check it out.

3. don't forget about the cards for dads! you have until wednesday, nov. 11 to get your cards in. [two have already rolled in and they are AWESOME -- you guys make beautiful cards!] make one this weekend and email me for my address.

see you on monday friends. hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

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  1. Happy Weekend. Oooh, Art Weekend sounds fun! Dang, Utah must have a big art/craft community -they always seem to have something going on!