a chickprint holiday

i cannot believe it's already december! time is just flying by.

over here, we're still trying to recover from our thanksgiving trip -- i definitely enjoyed my vacation from reality, maybe a little too much. my poor google reader had 600+ unread posts! oy. i was sad to "mark all as read" but...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. if you have any favorite blog posts from the last week, send em to me.

anyway, i put up my christmas tree last night and watched "elf" -- we're already getting into the holiday spirit around here. to continue, i thought i'd feature some fun holiday cards from chickprint.

i LOVE chickprint's silhouette cards. sure, silhouettes are all the rage right now -- i see them popping up in prints all over the place. BUT -- chickprint will personalize silhouettes just for you! plus it's super affordable. what a cool, unique alternative to the family christmas card:

i love this!! you can even silhouette your pets :)

chickprint is based in brooklyn, new york, so there's a very cool brownstone / nyc vibe going on in a lot of these holiday cards. new york has had a soft spot in my heart since i moved away from there a few years back; sending an nyc skyline card would make me very happy:

all sorts of other fun holiday designs for this season, so be sure to check out the shop! this noel deer is too cute:

i love the holidays! stay tuned for many more holiday cards coming your way.

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  1. keep up the great work with your blog. way to go! there are some super cute ideas on here. I still need you to teach me how to stich