paper holiday gift: recipe cards

a stationery place reader recently requested a round-up of recipe cards -- and it got me thinking about how cute of a gift idea that would be for the holidays. so, now that there's eight whole days left before christmas day i thought i'd start throwing out some easy, last-minute paper gift ideas for those of us [*ahem*...me :( ] who might have some crunch-time shopping to do.

enter: recipe cards! buy a cute set of cards, record some of your favorite holiday [or otherwise] recipes, and voila! a pretty, useful gift perfect for anyone who likes to cook.

and with choices like these, i don't think you can go wrong:

chrysanthemum blossom recipe cards from pink lily press

garden recipe cards from rifle paper co

printable recipe cards from upup

put the cards in a cute wooden box or decoupage a plastic one, and you got a gift! i actually gave a homemade recipe book to my best friend for her wedding, and she loved it. i hope someone on your list enjoys one this year too!

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  1. Those floral recipe cards totally float my boat!