random tuesday

thought i'd change it up a little bit and give you a tuesday roundup instead this week. it's been snowing for 36 hours straight and i'm freezing and tired and feeling a bit out of sorts. so let's shake up the blog too!

number one.
my incredibly talented friend melissa of is*ly fame is giving away the coolest thing: you transcribe a note, and she'll write it out in her lovely calligraphy writing on special stationery. such a fun idea! she has great writing too. click here to enter, before wednesday at midnight!

number two.
have you heard about the versamark pen? versamark makes fun watermark stamp pads [and i'm sure they make other things too, but that's what i know them best for] and now they've put that ink into a pen. now, instead of inking and embossing only stamped images, you can ink and emboss anything you can draw!
i made invitations to a friend's baby shower a few weeks ago, and embossed my hand-written "who," "when" and "where" with chocolate brown american crafts embossing powder. it made it shiny and raised and gave it a special touch, i think.

number three.
i like wreaths. twig & thistle shows four fun paper-related ones here. check em out.


  1. Thanks for featuring my giveaway! I've extended the deadline to Thursday night, so hopefully more people can enter!

  2. Oooh what pretty Caligraphy. So lovely! I love great writing styles!