about that L letterpress...

remember when the L letterpress machine debuted? it caused quite a stir in the paper industry, with letterpress printers up in arms that it would destroy or cheapen their business.

i am pleased to report i've tried out an L letterpress for myself, and i'll have plenty of more details next week. but in the meantime, check out this ridiculously cute blog post to see what one person did with her L.

[photos from here]

the circle baby shower hits new heights with the DIY letterpress accents -- i can't get over how classy and cute everything is. and it was all done at home!

stay tuned, till next week when i have more info and my own impressions of the L to share.


  1. Yay for using the new Letterpress Machine!

    I can't tell from these pics, but how deep is the indentation? Is it comparable to real letterpress work?

  2. I love the orange!
    agreed....does it really look like letterpress?

  3. it really looks a lot like professional letterpress. i think this has a lot to do with the paper, because the L sells plush lettra paper to go along with it, but you can still tell it's slightly lower quality because of the DIY element -- some impressions are uneven, the ink can run, etc.

    more on this in next week's post! :)

  4. i need more info! i can't wait!

    also did you see that sycamore street is having a class? wanta come?