baby by bell'invito

thought we'd start this week's operation: baby post off with some news...i had an ultrasound this week and we found out we're having a boy! we are so excited and now i'm busy researching cute boy names, good colors for a boy nursery and all sorts of other fun things.

and of course i'm already thinking of what type of baby announcement i want, so i was particularly excited to get to this week's baby post. today here's a look at the baby stationery from bell'invito letterpress. i've written about this company before but couldn't resist a nod to their classy and sophisticated baby products.

take a look:

i like the swirly-name on the best. what about you?


  1. These are all lovely, but I agree with you on the swirly name one. Congrats on the boy! Yay!

  2. congrats! i love the colors yellow, aqua and orange together with a bit of spring green for a boy's nursery!!



  3. I like the first one. Totally cute. Classic and yet hip.

  4. Congrats on the boy!! having two of my own I can tell you boys are soo much fun & full of life.

  5. Congratulations on your boy!! That is so exciting! It was so wonderful to meet you. I hope you are recovering well!