baby by dauphine press

i'm so excited to share with you my first operation: baby post! this will be so much fun. there are tons of amazing baby announcements out there -- every time i discover a new one, i get more excited about having this little baby.

for my first post, thought i'd feature one of the classiest letterpress studios around: dauphine press. i love so many things about these -- the curved, non-traditional print, the just-right cute baby shapes, the simplicity.


[all images from dauphine press]

just a reminder, throughout the duration of my pregnancy i'll be posting my favorite baby announcements once a week. you can find the series here. suggestions and submissions are always welcome!


  1. so fun! so so fun!
    letterpress definitely makes a nice looking card!
    and btw...loved your christmas card!!!!! (were those the ones you bought from the YW auction?)

  2. These are absolutely charming!