back with a bang!

hello friends! wow, i feel like i have taken a loooong hiatus from this little blog. hope you all had a wonderful holiday -- happy new year!

i'm back, feeling refreshed and ready to try some exciting new things with the stationery place in 2010. thanks for sticking with me thus far; don't go away, because i think the best is yet to come around here.

and, to start off the new year right, i want to share some exciting news with you:
i'm having a baby!

i just barely pulled out of first-trimester morning sickness, so i hope my renewed energy will bring me back to happy, useful blogging. i'm due on the 4th of july, and besides the typical pregnancy annoyances [which no one ever adequately told me about, apparently] i have to say i'm doing great and so excited/blessed to have a little baby joining our family.

so, in honor of this joyful news, i'm here to announce a new series on the stationery place:
operation baby announcement.
once each week i'll focus a whole day on clever, creative, beautiful baby announcements.
they can come from stationery studios, famous bloggers, or your own kitchen table.
submit announcements you sent out for your babies, or suggestions on ones you've seen. anything goes, and i'm going to need a LOT of help finding enough to showcase over the next 26 weeks or so.
so send away!


  1. Congrats, friend! I'm so excited for you!

    If I come across one, I'll send ya a link!

  2. I've been patiently waiting for you to start posting about baby announcements ever since I found out. Can't wait to see what you find!

  3. Yay! Hooray!

    I just got back from Cali and got your card! Thanks! I need to give you our new address. It went to our old one, but they are forwarding mail to us from there for 6 months, so I will give you the new one.

  4. omg that's so awesome! congrats!! :D

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's so exciting. Glad you're done with the sickness!

  6. Hooray!! congratulations to you my dear. Enjoy this time!!

  7. Congrats girl! Maybe I'll have to design a card just for you!