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[[welcome to a new friday feature: good ideas. each friday i'll feature helpful tips on something related to paper.]]

this week's good idea isn't necessarily related to paper, but i think i'll make an exception. i'm sure like me most of you were shocked and saddened by the horrible earthquake in haiti this week -- but my heart has been warmed to see so many people springing into action to try to help out.

here are a few examples from the blogosphere:
  • oh so beautiful paper posted about illustrator claudia pearson's fundraiser to help haiti victims -- 25% of all sales of claudia's two new valentines prints will be donated to yele haiti.
  • say yes! to hoboken is donating one month's subscription fees to unicef for everyone who signs up for a four-month advertising sponsorship
  • the american red cross has seen great success in its texting campaign -- text "haiti" to 90999 and a donation of $10 is automatically donated to the red cross to help with relief efforts [funds are taken directly from your cell phone bill]
  • see a list of other ways to help here, from NPR
if you're able, i hope you'll try to find a way to help out. latest news reports are saying relief teams need cash more than products or physical aid right now, so sending money is a good idea. so are prayers.

if you know of any other social media campaigns for haiti, leave a note in the comments and i'll add it to the list.

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