cleaning up

the paper source blog had a helpful little tutorial this week about how to clean and care for rubber stamps. i'm not a huge stamper but i do like to use rubber stamps to occasionally spice up notes and envelopes sent to friends. i think i should start taking better care of my stamps -- currently my routine involves minimal washing before throwing them into a big plastic container.

also, posting will be light over the next week because i'm headed to anaheim, california for the semi-annual craft & hobby association trade show. i'm so excited to visit this show, one that i've heard so much about. can't wait to share what i see :)

talk to you in a few days!

p.s. i know i promised you a review of the L letterpress...which is all written up, although my husband took the camera with all my action photos with him on a business trip. BOO. so i'm sorry! wait another week...it is coming :)


  1. I ams so jealous. 1. that you're going to Cali, and 2. that you'll be at the CHA show!