never too early for valentines

i know we're still getting used to the idea of 2010, but valentine's day is just around the corner! whether you're planning to send out perforated barbie cards or do something a little more chic, i've got some ideas you can use.

if you're short on time or funds, why not get some printable valentines? saves you the trouble of designing your own, but getting them is as easy as checking out etsy and hitting "print."

these first two [above] are from purple lemon designs. kelly has such a clean, fun style -- so cute. i like fill-in-the-blank valentines for kids or to send as a quick note, like this one from green apple paperie:

if you want to go beyond a card, how about a little candy box for a friend? this printable template from lyzard914 is adorable:

shoot, you can even find printable mini banners on etsy [like this one from prettyfnmess] in case you really need one:

i hope you're already getting in the spirit -- what about your valentines this year? are you going handmade, buying them -- or printing them off?