upcycled holiday cards

in case you've still got holiday cards lying around [or all your holiday decorations, including the tree, as in my case...*cough, cough*], here's a great way to put them to use again. my friend kami recommends using a cute punch to make them into holiday tags for next year! way to be eco chic AND paper savvy:

you can really upcycle any cards -- save the kind sentiment inside, and cut up the front to be used again. i had enough material in our wedding cards after we got married to make my own wedding cards for friends and relatives for years. makes the handmade look a little more effortless!


  1. What a great idea! Wouldn't it be super cute to have a spindly tree all decorated with paper elements?!?

  2. This idea is officially stolen. I am soooo doing this next year!

  3. eco chic and paper savvy, eh? I love it! Thanks Lyndsey!