address stamps

hello! i'm back! wow, i was not expecting to take a full week off from blogging...but between CHA and starting up the hunger games [amazing book -- i was hooked. i zoomed through hunger games and already finished the sequel, catching fire...and omg i am dying to get my hands on #3, but it doesn't come out till august] i didn't have as much internet time as i'd hoped. but now it's back to real life!

thought i'd ease back into the stationery place with some cute address stamps from paperwink -- came across them thanks to a giveaway on little green notebook. i keep telling my husband that if we ever move to a place where we plan on staying put for more than a year, i am SO buying myself a fancy address stamp.

great fonts and fun illustrations. wish i could get one right now :)


  1. Isn't Suzanne Collins amazing? I devoured those books over Christmas. SOOOO good.

    I love your blog. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. I'm on #5 of 9 in the Sookie Stackhouse series, but The Hunger Games is next on my list! Glad to hear its really good. Super cute stamps too!

  3. Dang it! Another thing I don't have that I now want!

  4. im not even kidding when i say hunger games is AMAZING. i've been thinking about it all weekend & am considering reading them again :) and thank you katie -- you are so sweet!

  5. I totally understand when you say you were addicted to Hunger Games! I have the date for the third book marked on my calendar!!! You can't put them down!

    And I've read the Sookie books and they are good too...but when in the world will there be another one?

    And...I'm totally ordering these stamps as birthday presents for all of the women in my family this year. :) I've been planning to for a while, but this post just reminded me!