giraffe paper

i've been obsessed with all things giraffe lately. you might have noticed that from the jungle/safari-themed baby announcements i've been favoring, but i really love all the giraffe stuff out there right now.

some of it is definitely baby-focused, which is fine with me -- pretty sure this baby is going to have plenty of giraffes in his bedroom. i'm always looking for great paper supplies featuring giraffes, and i've found some good ones. check out a couple of these etsy finds...

from trendypeas:

stitched giraffe cards -- how cute would these be framed and hung in a baby room? by polka dot shop:

customizable baby shower invitations from km thomas designs:

but, giraffes can be fun even for us grown up kids. here's a couple things that are better suited for adults:

from perideau designs:

a limited-edition giraffe linocut card from antok's fairy tales:

personalizable giraffe-print notecards by naomilynn:

so have i pulled you in yet? are you into the giraffe trend too?


  1. Loving the giraffness. It's too cute an animal to not be associated with babies. That weird but graceful long neck, that fun blotched skin. Love it!

  2. I love those envelopes.
    Maybe your diaper bag should be like the bag on the last card. They are pretty easy to find now. Plus, they're cute!

  3. sarah, i love the diaper bag idea!! that would be so fun. let me know if you come across any :)