my valentines

thought i'd get my craft on this year by making some little valentines. nothing big, just something cute to give the ladies i teach at church and to a few neighbors and co workers. maybe i decided to be creative after completely blowing off any and all christmas projects this year, due to being baby-sick [speaking of which, HOLY cow. my baby belly popped out about two weeks ago and i swear i'm bigger every day. i'm a little nervous of just HOW big i'm going to get!].

so here you go: my simple valentines.

i debossed some little cards with my sweet L letterpress machine [no ink involved this time...didn't have the strength ;) ]...

and traced them onto patterned paper. [i used american crafts i heart you paper, of course. nothing but the best!] i used that base to freehand my own little envelope template, just by using a ruler and some trial-and-error. the template ended up looking a bit like a spaceship:

i scored the inside edges so it would fold nicely, and then used double-sided tape [i cut it in half so it wouldn't be too thick] to make the envelopes:

voila! a little army of tiny valentines, ready to be sent:

these were pretty easy, and quick enough for me to set up, make and clean up all before my husband got home from the gym. not bad!

each little note is going along with a bag of hand-dipped chocolate-covered pretzels [in pink and milk chocolate, of course] and will be delivered later this week. i'm excited to give them away, but mostly i'm just proud of myself for finally getting my crafty act together :)


  1. Geez! You are sooo crafty. I love the envelopes, they are so cute!

    Amazing you can get these done and cleaned up all before B got home from the gym. I'd probably STILL be working on them if it were me.

    Glad we're friends :)

  2. i love your blog ♥ i just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. i love the idea of pretty envelopes and think i'm just going to do bright white paper and write notes to everyone with a black chunky marker. love that - so thank you!

  3. Oh how lovely! I love how you're pairing it with a sweet goody too!

  4. I love it without the ink! clean & simple.