paper at CHA

i realized i never really commented on the blog much on my recent trip to CHA -- the craft & hobby association trade show that happens twice a year. last month, it took place in anaheim CA...another show will be in chicago this summer, but i hear the winter show is always bigger and better.

of course i was there for work -- i don't talk much about my day job on here, so take note of this rare occurrence :) we had one of the biggest booths at the show and were there to sell our newest product lines of scrapbook and paper crafting supplies. here's a look at just one tiny section of the space i lived in for four days:

yes, i get to play with beautiful paper supplies all day long. it's not a bad job!

i also got a chance to walk around and check out the other booths. sure, there was a ton of scrapbooking suppliers there, but i also saw plenty of companies selling jewelry, paint, beads, feathers, adhesives...you name it, the craft product was there. it was so creatively stimulating just to walk around!

there was plenty of beautiful booth decorations to be seen...my faves, of course, were anything having to do with paper. check out these amazing flower balls and little birds:

[disclaimer: most of these photos were taken by my awesome friend paige, who attended the show as well. thanks paige! :) ]

by far, one of the coolest things i saw the whole time was the new cricut cake. [please note this isn't technically paper-related...horrifying, i know ;) ] you've probably heard of the popular cricut die-cutting machine -- at CHA, they introduced a new machine made specifically for cake decorating. mostly the same machine, but with a few changes to make it food-friendly. this baby die-cuts fondant to make cake decorating super easy and awesome-looking. i loved it! it's not available for purchase yet, so keep your eyes out for it.

[image from here]

another crafty company, hambly screen prints, has always been one of my favorites because they make bright, funky transparencies and rub-ons -- plus they have awesome style. you can use their products for just about anything...i mean seriously, a paper rub-on can even decorate a pillow! check it out, from their booth:



i could probably go on and on about everything at CHA...but i won't. these were just a few of my faves. hope you liked the inside peek!


  1. what a lovely place! thanks for the peek!

  2. Love it! Loved meeting you there too! :)

  3. oooh i wish we had something like that here in the philippines... that would be very great!