valentines prep

this week's good idea addition is this: get ready for valentine's day! brilliant, right? haha. but seriously -- it is just a week away. so start your engines and make some last minute v-day preparations this weekend so that next week you can just enjoy the holiday festivities!

fun fact: the stationery place is dedicated to my love of paper, but if i wrote a blog about my #2 love it would be all about cookies. i love cookies. a LOT. but anyway, that might help you understand why i'm so so excited about this -- check it out: an edible cookie card! order one in any theme [like this one for v-day] from kookie stationery and use the included food coloring marker to write a note. BRILLIANT!

or, you could put together some cute paper mailboxes to catch some of the valentines coming your way [and to show off beautiful paper]. tiffany from simply modern mom created an easy-to-follow tutorial [with a pdf template!] to make some cute mailboxes like these:

mufn inc has also offered up a great [and FREE] valentine card download to say happy valentine's day to blog readers. go here to check out the download and print it out. thanks for the heads up muffin!

hope that helps you get in the valentine's spirit! see you on monday :)

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  1. OH MY GOSH! Those mailboxes are darling! How cute!