an apology, a baby announcement & some news

let's face it, people: i've been a crappy blogger lately. sometimes i just feel like i lose my blogging motivation, and last week [this week too? maybe?] was just one of those weeks. sorry for not having the usual mojo here on the stationery place.

mostly i just want to do...nothing. i've discovered how lovely lazy saturdays and weeknights can be, and i am enjoying them. not sure if this is pregnancy-related or not [i hope it is, because one day i would like to be back to my motivated self], but i promise to try to do better.

in the meantime, do yourself a BIG favor and click over to inchmark to read about how brooke informed her family she's pregnant. ridiculously adorable and so creative! get the full story here.

oh, and did i mention i'm moving to denver for the summer? my husband got an internship out there, so denver will be my home for four months -- and the birthplace of this baby. if you have any tips on fun things to see or do, send em my way!


  1. I've been feeling the same way about blogging. It's just so much nicer to hang out around the house than sit in from of the computer all day.

    I live in Steamboat Springs, CO. I don't get to Denver more than a few times in the summer. It can be fun to hit up the botanic gardens or a baseball game.

  2. Denver! How exciting! That would be a nice little change for a stint.